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Cybill Unbound

Cybill Unbound will be published by Heliotrope Books on February 14, 2023.


Click here for an excerpt, published by NextTribe in September 2022.

(No, that's not me in the NextTribe photo!) 


Here are some lines from the book: 


* Who had control here? The one who held the power usually made the first move, so who, if anyone, should initiate any action? He because he was the man? She because she was the elder? He because he was the Beauty? She because she was the Author?


* They demanded nothing of each other—only ecstasy.  Because of the kink factor, and because they saw each other only rarely, their passion rose ever higher. They had laughed and cried and come together—sometimes all at once.


* "We should be like the birds," she would say to her friends (but not James): "Pair-bonded for life, but adulterous."  DNA testing, she'd been delighted to learn, had revealed the true, promiscuous nature of birds.


* By now, in late middle age, she would have expected her feelings to be less extreme, but as far as she could recall, she had never been more euphoric and terrified than now.  Sometimes when she thought about Ben, she could scarcely walk, scarcely breathe.


* His mouth always knew what her mouth wanted most: lip, tongue; pressure, softness; dryness, wetness; rhythm, rest.