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Skin: Sensual Tales

The first story, “Bad Sex,” is about great sex. “Final Assignment” is told entirely in dialogue; “The Perfect Aphrodisiac” takes the form of a scholarly article and reimagines the accidental discovery of LSD by Albert Hofmann in Basel: what if, instead, he had discovered a true aphrodisiac?

“Skin” and “My Lover’s Family” do not progress in a linear manner but are structured like collages, with events juxtaposed against each other. Both won PEN Syndicated Fiction Awards. "Piazza del Popolo" is about a woman who revisits Rome with her husband and child and remembers being single there. Two of the stories depict the creative process: “Yearning at Yaddo” is about a woman who cheats on her novel with her story, while “The Pleasures of the Text” shows the development of a young writer through the erotic stories she composes in her head before sleeping.